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Grant Ruegnitz


Grant has been a professional potter since 2000.  After 20 years of being both a potter and a high school art teacher, Grant is now working as a full time potter.  He recently moved to northern Wisconsin and works in the studio he built at his new home.  He creates beautiful, yet functional pottery for his customers to enjoy and use in their everyday lives.  


Grant begins the creative process by hand making each piece individually with either stoneware or porcelain clay.  Most pieces are made using a potter’s wheel.  Over the years, Grant has developed a number of different glaze formulas. He uses the glazes either alone or in combination with other glazes to give each piece its unique finished color.  Before the pottery is complete, it must first be fired in a kiln to over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.


Depending on the desired outcome for each piece, Grant uses three types of kilns: electric, gas and wood fired.  Each different kiln helps to create the final, varied effects. Since he wants his pottery to be used by his customers in their daily lives, all of Grant’s pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  

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